whm tractor for sale

The WHM 674/M Inc. 4:1 FEL has the weight and power to take on most jobs. Slashing, clearing, baling or ploughing, which weighs in at about 3.6T, and is an extremely handy tractor.
It is a WHM specification tractor and built to that specification and is specifically designed for increased reliability and longevity.
It features the massive advantage of a standard radial 12 ply tyre package that increases traction by 20% and gets power to the ground.
It also features larger wet disc brakes, heavier front axle and 4wd, bigger ceramic 2 stage clutch, wider tyres for load bearing, stability, 20% more traction, better ride.


  • 4.1L over square engine naturally aspirated under stressed
  • Strengthened front axle to support heavy FEL work
  • Great open clear flat deck 3 Gen cab simply best in class aircon and fan
  • Best vision with opening skylight and rear window to check PTO work
  • Clear operators deck with controls beside the seat
  • Lined cabin with acoustic treatment
  • 12/12 synchronised gears with shuttle shift on dash
  • Two stage ceramic clutch from best supplier
  • Power steering and 4wd standard
  • Increased capacity dual hydraulic pumps
  • Dual remotes
  • Good suspension seat
  • Bigger radiator battery alternator for Australian conditions
  • Full set of lights Inc. working lights
  • Rear wheel weights
  • Big 600kg 4:1 front end loader with Italian Hydraulic controls
  • Tyre package of 12 ply radials, 260 fronts and 380 rears
  • Air cleaner under bonnet
  • Just loaded with standard features
WHM tractor for sale

It is driven by a 4.3-litre, 4-cylinder engine mated to a 12/12 R synchronised gearbox with shuttle shift. 4WD is standard. High capacity hydraulic pumps ensure the self-levelling 4:1 FEL and power steering operate efficiently at all times. Lift capacity is a generous 1 tonnes. It also offers larger wet disc brakes, a heavier front axle and a bigger ceramic 2-stage clutch.


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