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What Is Reishi Extract Capsules?
The mushroom reishi is known throughout Asia for its impressive health benefits. Reishi, otherwise known as LingZhi or Ganoderma Lucidum, has over 2000 years of medicinal use in Asian culture. It’s often called the mushroom of immortality. Reishi is popular for its strong immune-boosting and cancer-fighting abilities.

Reishi is a medium-sized orange mushroom with a bitter and woody taste. It grows best in warm, humid climates. It?s medicinally used in powdered, liquid, and even natural forms. Capsules are extracted utilizing ethanol and H20 for greater potency.

How to Use Reishi Extract Capsules?
Reishi extract capsules have been studied primarily as an immune system booster and cancer treater. Common effects of reishi include stress relief, lessening inflammation, and lessening fatigue. Reishi mushroom supplement is best used by healthy adults for general and immune system health.

Reishi can also be used to increase blood circulation and increase energy. Reishi and its benefits are still being studied.

Reishi Extract Capsules?s Dosage
Reishi extract capsules are available in a bottle of 120 capsules at 400mg per capsule. The maximum dosage of reishi mushroom supplement varies from adult to adult. Chemical Planet recommends a maximum of 800mg (two capsules) per day. Reishi mushroom capsules work best when used with water and a meal.

Reishi extract capsules are vegetarian and include the following ingredients per bottle. Extracted reishi fruiting body, 30% polysaccharides, beta-glucans, magnesium citrate, and silicon dioxide excipients.


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