MET Fumarate




What is MET?
MET is short for N-Ethyl-N-methyltryptamine. This chemical falls into the tryptamine class. It is very similar to DMT in chemical structure. Unlike a number of other tryptamines and different research chemicals, MET is known for producing results very quickly during research experiments.

So, this chemical could be a perfect research option for you if you are not someone who likes to spend all day in the lab. MET experiments typically yield findings of stimulation, physical euphoria, tactile enhancement, muscle relaxation, color enhancement, vibrating vision, drifting, transformations, ego death, time distortion, and psychedelic hallucinations.

Where to buy MET?
Chemical Planet is one of the top MET vendors online. We ship to many different nations. Our MET is typically available in a fumarate or hcl form. However, if you need a different form, please feel free to contact us to see if we have one available. You must be at least 18 years of age and in full legal compliance with the law to buy MET from us. Also, our MET is not intended for human or animal use. It is only designed to be used in research experiments.

MET Legality
MET is a Class A drug in the United Kingdom. In the United States, it is unscheduled. However, it could be considered an analogue of DMT, which could potentially make it illegal there due to analogue laws. It is a Class C controlled drug in New Zealand.

Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf-life. This product is intended for forensic and research applications only. It is therefore NOT intended for human consumption or in-vivo testing of any kind on animals or any living organism.


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