Isopropylphenidate (IPH) HCL




What is Isopropylphenidate (IPH)?
IPH is a research chemical that falls under the piperdine class of chemicals. It is a synthetic stimulant. IPH is very similar to the chemical methylphenidate, and it produces nearly identical research findings. Chemical researchers who conduct experiments with IPH commonly see the following results: stimulation, increased focus and concentration, appetite suppression, enhanced productivity levels, cognitive euphoria, increased libido, time distortion, and increased heart rate. Always use proper laboratory safety procedures, as higher measurements can be much more potent.

Isopropylphenidate Legality
IPH is illegal in Netherlands, Germany and the UK. However, it is unscheduled in many other nations and is thus legal in many places. However, it could potentially be illegal in nations with strong analogue laws such as the United States.


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