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What Is Indian Element Guarana? Why Is it Used?
The plant Guarana, also known as Paullinia Cupana, is a highly caffeinated herb grown in the Amazon Rainforest. It has a long history as an unofficial energy supplement, used in its raw herbal form by tribes native to the area.

It can contain anywhere from 3 to 5% of caffeine by weight, making it stronger than coffee as an energy booster. Guarana is still being researched. Many studies are focusing on its potential weight loss and energy-boosting effects.

Indian Element Guarana: Product Description
Indian Elements Guarana contains 60 capsules of 400mg guarana. Though still being researched, guarana has shown promising use as a dietary and energy supplement. It can take between 15 minutes to an hour for the energising effects of guarana to kick in and can last several hours, depending on your body?s metabolism.

How to Use Indian Element Guarana: Dosage
Take one capsule of 400mg guarana a day with water. For best results, take on a full stomach. There is no research on the maximum dosage of guarana. However, 400mg a day should be considered the highest dosage due to its high caffeine content. This is equivalent to 4 to 5 cups worth of coffee.

Note*: Due to the high caffeine content of this product, guarana should not be taken when pregnant or nursing. Guarana should only be taken by those 18 or older. Do not consume guarana with alcohol.


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