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What is Indian Elements Damiana? Why is it used?
Indian Elements damiana is otherwise known as turnera aphrodisiaca or turnera diffusa. It began as a Mayan aphrodisiac for its strong sexual enhancement effects. It’s a shrub grown in subtropical climates like South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The leaves, twigs, and fruits of the damiana herb are used to create the chemical, with the leaves being the most potent.

Damiana’s primary use is as an aphrodisiac, with over 300 years of positive anecdotal usage. Damiana’s benefits include helping anxiety, Diabetes, bladder relief and asthma. Damiana has slight antioxidant and bacterial fighting properties.

The damiana herb includes tetraphillyn B, apigenin, terpenes, arbutin, fatty acids and caffeine, as active ingredients.

Indian Elements Damiana: Product Description
Indian Elements damiana is available in a package of 60 400mg capsules. The damiana capsules high is mild and may have light aphrodisiac effects. Damiana’s benefits can last up to an hour after the initial dosage.

How to use Indian Elements Damiana: Dosage
Damiana can be found and used in a variety of ways. Typical uses include damiana tea, powder, and capsules. Though possible, it’s not recommended to smoke damiana.

Due to a lack of research, there is no maximum dosage listed. However, consumption of over 200mg is known to cause increased hallucinogenic effects. Do not take more than one capsule of Indian Elements damiana a day.


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