Daito’s superior knowledge, experience, and technology deliver the steel industries premier plasma cutting robot to fully process box tubing.

* Capable of cutting 3D (bevels) on the corner radius and full bevel functionality.
* Allowing for a full bevel on all four sides.
* With only two ignitions!

* Fully capable of cutting the slots and end on all 4 sides with only 2 ignitions..
* Daito laser measurement system ensures superior accuracy.
* No measuring probe, no torch touching material and no wear & tear.
* No unnecessary maintenance expense.
* Plus no re-work!

The Latest Motoman Industrial Robot

Our highly accurate robotic arm gives us the freedom to place the torch anywhere and everywhere we need it.

Yaskawa Motoman offers manufacturers a wide range of robotic solutions for cutting and material removal applications. Our robots have been used extensively in laser, plasma, waterjet and oxy-fuel cutting applications, as well as grinding, polishing and finishing.

Many robots are not designed for structural steel beam plasma cutting tasks, but Daito engineers worked extensively Yaskawa Motoman to provide a robust, application-specific cutting robot designed with the rigidity needed for material removal applications.

In order to ensure constant surface pressure on contoured products, an active force sensing device is often used to optimize the finish on the part and increase the efficiency of consumables by as much as 10 times!

Hypertherm XPR300 plasma cutting system

The™ new XPR300 represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever.

This next-generation system redefines what plasma can do by expanding its capabilities and opportunities in ways never before possible. With unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, the new XPR300 increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs. New ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make the XPR300 easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while also ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability.

coping machine

Industry-leading X-Definition cut quality

Optimized productivity and reduced operating costs

Plasma Layout Marking / Scribing

Marking on all 4 sides

coping machine

Layout marking will be done by the plasma with the Robot. This system can do under scribing as well. All layout positions are done with machine tool accuracy, saving time with boilermakers not having to manually layout the welding positions anymore.

The CR1000 adopts Argon marking for its clearly defined marks and characters, which are easily read on the product.

Two Speed for Character Marking & Line marking.

A different speed is required for character marking and line marking, the CR1000 can distinguish between the two and automatically adjusts to the correct speed for the specific marking required


coping machine


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