8kW Yawei HLF Series Precision Fiber Lasers




Buy 8kW Yawei HLF Series Precision Fiber Lasers

Fiber Lasers

Yawei Fiber Lasers is one of IPG’s largest global customers and have been offered a promotion on all 8kW units .Take a further $10,000USD (about $14,000) discount off our already VERY competitive pricing across our 8kW range.– 1.5m x 3.0m
– 2.0m x 4.0m
– 2.0m x 6.0m
– 2.0m x 8.0m
– 2.5m x 6.2m
– 2.5m x 8.0m
….. and more

Starting from approximately $525,000 + GST (before $10,000USD discount!), our Yawei 8kW HLF series machines offer performance and value that sets them apart from the competition.

– Siemens CNC with 24″ upgraded screen (PDF brochure attached)
– Precitec ProCutter head
– 8kW IPG fiber laser
– Siemens servo motors and drives
– Camera monitoring with fast recycle function to minimise waste in your skeletons
– Metalix CNCKAD. Everything you need to program and cut on day 1 (with multiple upgrades and integrations available with most major software platforms)
– 24 month IPG warranty.
– Attentive, timely and cost effective service and support from Applied Machinery IPG factory-trained technicians

Applied & Yawei are serious about high power production machines. The HLF series opens up possibilities not previously available in this price point.

ALSO – The Australian Government’s 50% instant asset write-off available for most customers too.

Yawei HLF series machines are available from 3kW – 20kW ….. very competitive pricing is available across THE ENTIRE range, however this special promotion is available on 8kW models only.

Please let us show you how a new Yawei fiber laser from Applied Machinery could revolutionise your business.

Get in touch and see why Phantom Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of fiber lasers. From our single 8kW models machines, through to our 20kW fully automated Yawei machines, we have a fiber laser available to suit practically all budgets and applications


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