What is 4-MPD?

4-MPD is short for 4-Methylpentedrone. 4-MPD is a research chemical that falls into the cathinone class. 4-MPD is very similar to 4-MMC in chemical structure and in experimental findings. Many experiments with 4-MPD have demonstrated results of increased energy and alertness, elevated mood, and increased sociability. Diminished appetite has also been a recurring finding for 4-MPD. So, it is wise for 4-MPD researchers to make sure that they have enough food to eat before carrying out experiments with 4-MPD. In general, laboratory research experiments with 4-MPD have been shown to have very stimulating findings.


Where to Buy 4-MPD?

We sell 4-MPD here at Chemical Planet. The 4-MPD that we sell comes in crystal form. We ship to many different nations. If you don’t see the form you prefer, then you can contact us to see when we might have other forms available.

If you are interested in purchasing 4-MPD from Chemical Planet, then you must be at least 18 years of age, and in full legal compliance with all of the laws of your nation. The 4-MPD that we offer for sale is only intended for laboratory research use. It is not meant for internal consumption by humans or animals.


4-MPD Legality

4-MPD is a Schedule 1 substance in Canada. In the UK, it is a Class B substance. In many nations, it is either unscheduled or completely legal.


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