What is 3-HO-PCP
3-HO-PCP stands for 3-Hydroxyphencyclidine. It is a dissociative chemical that falls into the arylcyclohexylamine class. It is an NMDA receptor antagonist. 3-HO-PCP was first synthesized in 1978. It has been a favorite for research chemists for many years.

3-HO-PCP experiments typically yield findings of stimulation, sedation, physical euphoria, tactile enhancement, pain relief, changes in gravity perception, disinhibition, conceptual thinking, time distortion, increased music appreciation, thought connectivity, hallucinations, and perspective distortion. It is very potent so make sure that you follow all laboratory safety procedures if you experiment with it. 3-HO-PCP is a great addition to any lab.

Where to buy 3-HO-PCP?
3-HO-PCP can be purchase from Chemical Planet. We offer high-quality 3-HO-PCP for sale, typically in powder form. However, if you would like a different form, then feel free to contact us to let us know because we often have different forms available.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy 3-HO-PCP from us and be in full legal compliance with the research chemical laws of your country. Our 3-HO-PCP is not intended for human or animal consumption. It is only intended for research purposes.

3-HO-PCP Legality
3-HO-PCP is illegal in the United Kingdom. However, it is unscheduled in most other nations, which makes it legal in most places. It could be illegal, however, in countries with strong analogue laws, such as the United States.

This product is not for human consumption.


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