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2019 KUBOTA U17 For Sale – ONLINE

2019 KUBOTA U17


Used Non-Retailed Kubota U17VR1, Demo Mini Excavator, Four Post ROPS Canopy, Auxiliary Hydraulics, New Amulet Hydraulic Thumb, 12″ Pin-On Trenching Bucket, Variable Track Gauge, Zero Tail Swing, Two Speed Travel, 49″ Standard Dozer Blade, 9″ Rubber Tracks, 3,705 Lbs. Operating Weight. Machine still under full factory warranty.
Additional information and instructions by EU Stage V
The information and instructions to be provided to end-users were added by Regulation (EU)2016/1628 and Delegated regulation (EU)2017/654. Engine operation and maintenance You must comply with the following things when you operate an engine. ・The engine, including the emissions control system, shall be operated, used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided to the end users in order to maintain the emissions performance of the engine within the requirements applicable to the engine’s category. ・No deliberate tampering with or misuse of the engine emissions control system should take place; in particular with regard to deactivating or not maintaining an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or a reagent dosing system. ・When a warning lamp lights up, a trouble is happening to the engine and it may cause trouble to the emission control system. It is essential to take prompt action to rectify any incorrect operation, use or maintenance of the emissions control system in accordance with the rectification measures indicated in the ‘TROUBLESHOOTING’, or where applicable, ‘OPERATOR WARNING AND INDUCEMENT’. ・For non-road mobile machinery with a NOx control diagnostic (NCD) operator inducement system, ignoring the operator warning signals will lead to the activation of the operator inducement system, resulting in an effective disablement of non-road mobile machinery operation. ・Where the engine is to be operated within the Union on diesel or non-road gas-oil, a fuel with sulfur content not greater than 10 mg/kg (20 mg/kg at point of final distribution) cetane number not less than 45 and an FAME content not greater than 7 % v/v shall be used. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions The measurement result of CO2 emissions in g/kWh is shown in the attached list. Please check your machine model name in the list to find its CO2 emission data which belongs to each engine family.


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