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7869 HOURS | 2924 IDLE HOURS

Caterpillar d7rc dozer


  • Precise controls optimize power and fuel efficiency.
  • Differential steering allows you to steer while maintaining power to both chains. When one of the chains speeds up, the other slows down proportionally. Handling, especially with heavy loads on the blade, is much better, as are cycle times.
  • The unique Cat differential coupler sends 70% of engine torque to a converter and 30% to a direct driveshaft for more efficient transmission and higher torque multiplication.
  • The planetary powershift transmission features three forward gears and three reverse gears and uses oversized large capacity, oil-cooled clutches. These clutches provide higher torque capacity while increasing service life.
  • The modular transmission and differential fit into the rear housing, where interventions can be done easily, even with a ripper.


  • The pressurized cab mounted on silentblocs reduces noise levels and vibrations.
  • The large windows, made of a single panel, provide excellent visibility of the machine environment for greater productivity and safety.
  • The Comfort Series seat tilts 15 ° for better visibility.
  • The seat and its adjustable armrests guarantee comfort even in difficult terrain or steep slopes.
  • The display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use, the controls require very little effort.
  • The decelerator pedal provides maximum engine speed control when the toggle switch is in the full idle speed position.
  • A single handle control controls direction and gear selection.
  • The handle control provides more precision for the operator when using the machine near structures, slope stakes or other machinery.
  • Differential steering provides the most precise modulation in the industry.


  • The sturdy frame design absorbs strong impact and torsional forces.
  • The tractor pivot shaft passes through the main frame and is connected to the carrier frame to allow independent oscillation.
  • The suspension arm allows the undercarriages to swing up and down to better match the configuration of the terrain, for maximum grip and optimum operator comfort.
  • The centering arm brings the blade closer to the machine to optimize maneuverability, machine balance and blade penetration.
  • The raised gypsy helps optimize machine balance and performance for each application. In addition, the machine’s center of gravity remains low, for outstanding stability, balance and grip.
  • Impacts with the ground and the implements are transmitted to the main frame to protect the reducers, axles and steering components against impact, thus ensuring a longer service life.
  • Modular powertrain components make it easy to remove and repair the transmission, reduction gears, differential steering or brakes.
  • Modular undercarriage components facilitate maintenance. Lubricated for life, the freewheels and the lower and upper rollers offer the possibility of reusing or retrofitting internal components to reduce operating costs and limit raw materials and natural resources.


  • Modular components, easy access to standard service points, and faster diagnostic features reduce service time and increase uptime.
  • Cat machines include sample ports for engine oil, powertrain hydraulics, and coolant.
  • The major components of the D7R have been designed to be overhauled in order to increase the life of the machine. The renovations save money and contribute to sustainable development by limiting the use of raw materials and natural resources.
  • Manage your costs with preventative maintenance programs, such as Custom Track Service, S O S analysis and guaranteed maintenance contracts. Stay productive thanks to the exceptional availability of our parts.
  • When the time comes to replace certain parts, your Cat dealer can help you with genuine Cat remanufactured parts. Remanufactured powertrain and hydraulic components cost less, but have the same warranty and reliability as new products.
Year 2008
Category Dozers
Manufacturer Caterpillar
Model D7R XR II
Condition Used
Stock Number DZ010
MLS Number 10654435
Serial Number GN01831
Usage 7,869 Hours

Caterpillar d7rc dozer


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