What is 2-MMC?

2-MMC is a Research Chemical that, like MDPHP, 3-CMC, and 5-MMPA (Mephedrene), is classified as a cathinone.

It was first reported in Sweden in 2014 and has since then been reported in other European countries. The drug has several effects that are quite similar to Mephedrone. 2-MMC has the potential to be a very important component in the preparation of 4-methyl MC

The toxicological effects of the chemical have not been completely analyzed and as such the chemical should only be used for research purposes.


We only sell  2-MMC for research purposes. This product should not be used on humans or animals. We also strongly advise that our customers take appropriate measures to protect themselves when handling this chemical. Masks, Gloves and other anti-hazard equipment should be used when handling this chemical.


Is 2-MMC Legal?

As regards the issue of legality, we strongly oblige our customers to check with the appropriate authorities on the legality of 2-MMC in their country of residence or shipping location. We have strict restrictions to reduce any legal complications for our customers. However, because of the changing legislation in different regions, we will not assume responsibility for any legal implications that may arise. Ultimately, it is the sole responsibility of our customers to ensure that they are not flouting any laws when purchasing this chemical.


Where to Buy 2-MMC?

Here at Chemical Planet, we pride ourselves to be one of the best vendors for high-quality research chemicals in the EU. 2-MMC is available in crystal form and is sold exclusively for research purposes. It is not sold for human or animal use. Only individuals 18 years and above can buy this product from us.


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