What is 2-FEA HCL?
2-FEA is the abbreviation for 2-Fluoroethamphetamine. This research chemical is a stimulant and is part of the amphetamine class. 2-FEA is very similar to 3-FEA. 2-FEA is very potent and can produce powerful results with very small doses.

All appropriate safety measures must therefore be followed to avoid accidents during the experiments. 2-FEA is known to produce results of euphoria, stimulation, tactile improvement, improved endurance, feelings of drift, transformations, hallucinations, improved analysis, Distortion of time, acceleration of thought, and decreased appreciation of music.

Where to buy 2-FEA?
2-FEA can be purchased directly here on the Chemical Planet website. We offer high-quality 2-FEA, usually in powder form. However, if you prefer another form, please contact us to see if it is available. If you want to purchase 2-FEA from us, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also be in full compliance with the laws of your nation.

Our chemicals are not intended for use in humans or animals. They are intended for experimental research purposes only.

Legality of 2-FEA
2-FEA is a Class A substance in the UK. In Canada, it is considered an amphetamine analog, and therefore would be a Schedule I substance. In New Zealand, 2-FEA is a Schedule 3 controlled substance.

2-FEA (C11H16N, Mr 162g / mol) is typically available as a fine powder. (C11H16N * HCl, Mr 198g / mol).

Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life. This product is intended for forensic and research use only. Therefore, it is NOT intended for human consumption or for in-vitro testing on any type of animal or living organism.


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