What is 1V-LSD?
1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide or 1V-LSD ?VALERIE? is the recently discovered derivative of lysergamide. This derivative is used in psychedelic research and is similar to its parent analogs such as 1B-LSD and 1cP-LSD. 1V-LSD was made possible when legislation was announced in Germany to call for a drug that was different from its mainstream siblings.

The compound is a prodrug, which means it can be metabolized to produce lysergic acid diethylamide. This chemical is different from the other versions of the parent drug.

It?s a conundrum to remember and pronounce and many refer to it as Valerie due to its official name of 1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide (1-VALeroyl-lysERgic acid dIEhylamide).

NOTE: This product isn?t approved for human consumption; it is for laboratory-based usage. To avoid any accidental contamination, always wear gloves and goggles when handling, as it can absorb harmful amounts of chemicals through the skin.

How to Use 1V-LSD ?Valerie? 150mcg Blotters?
This unique variation of lysergic acid is similar to the original, and those familiar with this drug know what to expect from this version.1V-LSD ?VALERIE? 150 mcg blotters should be kept in an area that is cool and free from moisture to receive the most out of your product?s shelf life.

1V-LSD is related to 1P-LSD, which means they contain valeroyl groups within their chemical instead of propionyl groups attached to indole nitrogen. The compound is more significant in mass than the other catalogues of this drug, which is why it is used in the place of its predecessor.

When handling 1V-LSD, it is recommended that you use safety gear such as gloves, safety masks, and goggles to prevent any contamination of the sample or accidental consumption as it is not meant for human consumption.

1v-LSD Dosage
As mentioned, laboratories are now using 1V-LSD to replace 1P-LSD due to how much larger it is in mass. To be specific, V-LSD is about 25mcg larger than 1P-LSD. It is wise to understand that this is a larger dose of the drug and therefore is much stronger. The results that were found are not conclusive as this version of lysergic acid yields the same results as LSD itself. The only difference is that it can be metabolized much faster.


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