A Trustworthy Global Wholesale Platform

Being professionals who ensure Quality, Trust & Reliability in all our activities. As a buyer you can’t help but have anxiety questions that could take toll on you, they remain obscure. Questions such as – What follows the inquiry? How soon will I get my product? How long are the prices valid? What are the payment terms? And more like that. The approach we have to such questions is simple. We strictly follow laid out policies to ensure Transparency in all our activities. The following business process flow outlines our activities in this regard.

Multiplescaners  hosts millions of products in a wide range of categories including Apparel & Accessories, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Kitchen Appliances, and more. Get low prices on top selling products such as but not limited to custom made computers and cell phones. Multiplescaners  provides a buyer protection plan, a secure refund policy, express delivery, shipment &  tracking and is committed to providing a fast, easy, and safe buying experience to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Multiplescaners  is a large marketplace at the forefront of the fastest growing form of modern e-commerce. Wholesale products available from certified sellers. Through our innovative platform, you can buy directly from high-quality factories at significantly lower prices than retail. We have brought down the barriers and eliminate all the risks. We are committed to providing a fast, easy, and safe buying experience to businesses and customers worldwide.

“Multiplescaners  makes online shopping simple, efficient, and delivers great buying incentives.”

Who we are!

 We are Multiplescaners , We are striving to be a world leading distributing company by means of supplying well qualified products with competitive prices.

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 3 million sellers globally
  • 6 million enterprise and individual buyers from over 222 countries and regions
  • Top category product listings
  • A transaction every  5 minutes
  • Multilingual sales in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Turkish
  • Our partners include American Express, DHL, FedEx, MasterCard, Visa, UPS

“Our top priority is the safety of our clients and their assets.”



Another reason why Multiplescaners is the best of all online stores is the complete convenience that it offers. You can view your favorite brands with price options for different products in one place. A user-friendly interface will guide you through your selection process. Comprehensive size charts, product information, and high-resolution images help you make the best buying decisions.  A 30-days refund policy gives you more power as a buyer. Additionally, the try-and-buy option for select products takes customer-friendliness to the next level.

Enjoy the hassle-free experience as you shop comfortably from your home or your workplace. You can also shop for your friends, family, and loved ones and avail of our gift services for special occasions.

As a world-recognized leader in the sourcing business, MULTPLE SCANERS is dedicated to facilitating global trade and making a difference in the world. This commitment is ingrained in our corporate culture, beliefs and values.

  • To be the most trusted, customer-centric, multichannel B2B trade platform

  • To enhance people’s quality of life and mutual understanding through promoting authentic global trade by helping the customers get the right products through our suppliers spread around the globe.

  • Connecting authentic buyers and suppliers worldwide by taking full responsibility with tailored solutions and trusted market intelligence

  • Helping customers meet the dynamics of a changing world and seize new opportunities

  • Customer First – provide excellent benefits and services to our clients

  • Results Oriented – constantly strive to achieve our goals

  • Innovation Driven – embrace changes, improve and innovate

  • Honest & Integrity – consistently maintain business ethics and integrity