Multiplescaners is a Trading and distribution company that was founded in 2017. We distribute a wide range of products ranging from Agricultural products, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts of all kinds, Energy Drinks, Confectionery and Other consumer goods. Exporting many different types of products Worldwide, Multiplescaners is growing from day to day in stature. We are striving to be a world leading distributing company by means of supplying well qualified products with competitive prices.

Best Selling Agro Products

Wild Dried Morel Mushroom
Spice Seasoning SPLIT CASSIA For Sale
spice oregano dried powder
Spice Green Cardamon For sale
Soya Beans Powder Wholesale
Raw Groundnuts (Peanuts) Wholesale
Quality Spices dried organic rosemary leaves
Quality Spice Hot Wasabi Powder For Sale
Organic green peppercorn For Sale
Organic Dried Orange Peel Wholesale
Natural Dried Katsumada Galangal Seed
Morel Dried Morchella Mushroom
High Quality Snow White Pumpkin Seed For sale
High Quality Melon Seed Wholesale
High Quality Coconut Online
High Quality Bay Leaf
Green Sichuan Pepper Wholesale
Good quality dry spices Star Anise dry spices
Good Air Dried Dehydrated Coriander Leaf
Dry Negin wholesale
Dried Yellow Corn
Dried White Corn
Dried Shiitake Mushroom
Dried Red Corn
Dried Natural Wood Ear Mushroom
Dried Morel Mushroom
Dried Black Fungus “Mouse Ears” Mushrooms
Dried Amomum Fructus Tsaoko
Condiment Spice Lemongrass For sale
Buy afrostyrax lepidophyllus Online
Black Morel Mushrooms
Best quality wheat powder
Best Quality Tumeric Powder
Best quality tobacco powder
Best Quality Raw Rubber(Latex)
Best Quality pure natural dried Fructus Galangae
Best Quality Numb Spices Red Szechun Pepper
Best quality millet powder
Best quality irringia gabonensis (Ogbonor) powder
Best Quality Ginger Powder-2
Best Quality Ginger Powder
Best quality Garlics powder
Best quality dry spices round nutmeg
Best Quality Dried Mint Leaves
Best quality cumin powder
Best quality cotton
African Cocoa Powder-2
Best Quality Coffee Powder
Best Quality Clove Stem Spices
Best Quality Cinnamon Powder
Best quality Chili powder
Best quality Bitter Kola
Best Quality Almond Powder
Best Dry White Pepper for sale
African Cocoa Powder

We are committed to our customers with regard to Quality & Promptness.

Packaging is a matter of customization. Just tell us your preferences and we will take care of it. Large or small, practical or luxurious, conventional or extraordinary: we are happy to discuss the almost endless possibilities with you. Each product has it respectively packaging formats . You can always get in touch if you want to know more about other packaging, formats, private label etc. Together we will look at the best solution to meet your requirements.